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Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching offers self-awareness, clarity and direction in the journey to become a more impactful leader in the ever-ch...

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Team Coaching

Team Coaching, is a powerful tool in the development journey to become a highly performing, effective and coherent team. Teams ...

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Coaching For Coaches

"How do I get to Carnegie Hall? Practice, practice, practice" Lilly Tomlin Coaching for coaches, offers super...

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Workshops designed to the needs of organizations, teams and individuals, aim to increase self-awareness and develop new skills....

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Belkıs Kazmirci, MA, MCC

Belkıs Kazmirci, MA, MCC

Belkis Kazmirci is an executive coach, team coach and trainer, experienced in Banking, Technology, FMCG and many other sectors. She is currently giving coaching services to high level executives, teams and organizations, on leadership development, awareness and growth, communication competencies, people management, change management, work / life balance, time and stress management.

In addition, Kazmirci delivers workshops for teams and organizations. This work which focus on the learning process as much as the content, guide the participants to observe their own process and to find their own creative solutions. ...
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Özge Yılmaz, Genel Müdür
Fiba Faktoring

Belkıs’la iş hayatımda önemli değişiklikler olan, yeni sorumluluk alanlarım konusunda desteğe ihtiyacım olan bir dönemde çalışmaya... read more

Negar Esmailzadeh, Global Medical Affairs Manager, Critical Care

"The coaching sessions with Belkis changed my life! I know it is a very strong claim nevertheless it is the fact. The main objective of my coachin... read more

Sarp Heptürk, VP Sales, Program Management, Purchasing
Katcon Global

In this challenging era surrounding us with all kinds of possible problems, shortages / everyday something new collapsing which feels like being under a ... read more


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