Coaching For Coaches

"How do I get to Carnegie Hall?

Practice, practice, practice" Lilly Tomlin

Coaching for coaches, offers supervision and practicums for coaches who want to increase their service quality, to get an ICF accreditation and to develop their coaching competencies. After the completion of their coaching training, it is crucial for coaches to continue learning to improve their skills, knowledge and awareness.


A frog in a well only sees his piece of the sky.” - Chinese saying
Supervision is a very powerful tool for professional development and to support the coaches in their journey toward mastery.
The coach and the supervisor meet regularly to assess and to reflect together on a past coaching session. The coach increases his/her awareness through the feedback and support of the supervisor.
Benefits of supervision;

  • Coaching the coaches on their coaching process.
  • Mentoring the coaches on their professional development.
  • Providing an external perspective for improve the practice quality.
  • To develop the internal supervisor of the coach


Practicum sessions provide continuing development opportunity for Gestalt Coaching Program (GCP) alumni and aim to strengthen their coaching skills and refresh their knowledge. It is a powerful tool in the coaching journey where deep and intensive learning is realized.
The format of the practicum sessions is as below;

  • Once a month 3 hours of face-to-face work
  • 8 sessions from October to May
  • Groups of 8 participants get observation and feedback during their coaching sessions by 2 MCC, GCP faculty members.
  • Each participant gets the opportunity to be the coach, the client and the observer in different coaching sessions.
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